Eco Rug Cleaning Edinburgh

 Would you like your rug to look and feel as it did when new?

Would you like you're RUG picked up cleaned and

Returned ALL as part of the service?

Cleaning like you never seen before, Perfect ECO rug cleaning results with complete Submersion cleaning.

All types of rugs cleaned at our Eco Rug cleaning workshop.
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Our Eco Rug Cleaning Edinburgh

How our Eco Rug cleaning Edinburgh is like no other:
We gently beat your rug to remove the build-up of dust and grit deep within the fibres. This is a vital process in rug cleaning and preservation of rugs as grit left within the fibres acts as an abrasive and this causes premature wear and tear. This first step is to remove as much dry soil, dust, hair, house dust mites and other particles as possible using a dusting and beating machine. The rugs may be put through this process more than once if necessary.

Once the Rugs and been Pre-Vacuumed, this gets rid of up to 80% of the loose dust and grit held in the carpet. The rug is then submerged in water and pre-cleaned using mild, biodegradable detergents. During this process the rug is carefully inspected in order to identify any stains which may require special attention and treatment. Then pure water rinsed again until it runs clear.

Drying is done without the use of excessive heat.

The finished rugs are hung to dry in our special drying room.
Fringe detailing - The fringes are inspected and treated with specialist solutions or re-cleaned if necessary.
Once we have your rugs looking and feeling the best they can possibly be, we can help you keep them that way by applying stain protection, an invisible barrier that protects your rugs from spillages and any accidental spillages disappear with a swift wipe.

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    Eco Rug Cleaning

    If you have any questions about our Eco Rug Cleaning service in Edinburgh you can call us, fill out our contact form, or chat with us. We can send a technician to your home or office who can inspect your Rugs cleaning needs, and give you a full explanation of the best way to clean your items and the cost. This estimate is free. Our number is: 031 278 0505.





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