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Rug cleaning Edinburgh

Rug cleaning Edinburgh all types of rugs cleaned at our Specialist Rug cleaning workshop in Edinburgh.

 Looking for rug cleaning looking for a NEW Rug?

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 For all your Oriental, Turkish, far Eastern, Afghan, Indian and Modern Rug cleaning

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Rug Cleaning Edinburgh

Oriental rugs - Turkish rugs - Persian rugs - Area rugs - Cotton rugs - Wool Rugs - Man made fibres

And once we have your rugs looking and feeling the best they can possibly be, we help you keep them that way by applying stain protection, an invisible barrier that protects your rugs from stains and liquids, while any accidental spillages disappear with a swift wipe.

Rug Cleaning Edinburgh

Once the Rugs and been Pre-Vacuumed, this gets rid of up to 80% of the loose dust and grit held in the carpet they are, Pure water Rinsed, cleaned with a special Rug shampoo, then pure water rinsed again until it runs clear. Only once we are happy that the Rug is clean it is then time to Dry them. If You have pets or NEED a rug cleaning more than once a year See our TOP Recommendation HERE 

Rug Cleaning Edinburgh Process, Inspection -  Expert and thorough inspection of rugs prior to cleaning which may include consultation with the customer if necessary.

 Rug Cleaning Edinburgh Dusting - The first step is to remove as much dry soil, dust, hair, house dust mites and other particles as possible using a dusting and beating machine. The rugs may be put through this process more than once if necessary.


Rug Cleaning Edinburgh Pre-Treatment - The rug is submerged in water and pre-cleaned using mild, biodegradable detergents and soft brushes. During this process the rug is carefully inspected in order to identify any stains which may require special attention and treatment.

Rug Cleaning Edinburgh  Rug Wash - During the third stage of the process the rugs are put through our special high performance rug washing machine which uses water jets to wash the rugs thoroughly and to ensure that no residual detergents remain.

Rug Cleaning Edinburgh - Controlled Drying - The finished rugs are hung to dry in our special drying room.

 Rug Cleaning Edinburgh  - Fringe detailing - The fringes are inspected and treated with specialist materials, or re-cleaned if necessary.

Note not all RUGS need to be took off site to clean, free quotations on all Rug Cleaning Edinburgh is free so Call Barry Direct today FREE on 0131  278 0505

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Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Edinburgh Service…

We’re local experts in Rug Cleaning, and one of the few specialists in Edinburgh who offer you all these benefits

Embedded coarse grit removed, extending the life of your rug
Flattened Pile lifted, enhancing your rugs texture also appearance
Richness of bright and vibrant colours restored
Protection treatment to help resist future staining and soiling
Safe for Children and Pets to crawl over
Off site cleaning for your convenience
Suitable for virtually all types or rugs
Optional Anti-Allergen Treatment for Asthma sufferers

rug cleaning edinburgh
Rug Cleaning Edinburg - Barrys Carpetcare
rug cleaning edinburgh

Scottish Rugs Throughout History

Stoddard Templeton denotes a group of Scottish carpet manufacturing companies, the formation of
which can be traced to the mid-nineteenth century and the businesses James Templeton & Co and A
F Stoddard & Co. Due to the growth, expansion, prominence and eventual decline of the Scottish
carpet industry the history of these companies is intertwined. For 160 years, Stoddard Templeton
were famed for producing carpets for a highly prestigious array of occasions and interiors. This paper
describes and disseminates aspects of the project Interwoven Connections: The Stoddard Templeton
Design Studio and Design Library, 1843-2005, which centred on the Stoddard Design Library, now
held by the Glasgow School of Art (GSA). The Design Library was the in-house resource used by
designers to inspire the creative process. The project aim was to examine the workings of the
Stoddard Templeton design studio and in particular utilisation of the Design Library in the creative
process. Findings and outcomes contribute to knowledge and understanding regarding the design
history of Stoddard Templeton, explication of the carpet and therefore textile design process and
designers’ utilisation of archival resources about which there is limited discourse. The subsequent
section of this paper provides relevant historical information surrounding Stoddard Templeton.
Following on from this, the project methodology is articulated. An overview of the Design Library,
its content and acquisition, is described. Project findings are discussed covering the workings of the
Stoddard Templeton design studios, the carpet design process, Design Library utilisation and impact
of digital technology. The project outcomes and outreach activities are explained and the paper
concludes by indicating areas for further investigation to ensure that examining the past continues to
influence the future.
Stoddard Templeton Company History
In 1839, James Templeton working with William Quigley, patented a chenille Axminster process
which pioneered the industrialization of carpet manufacture. James Templeton & Co was established
in 1843. An American, Arthur Francis Stoddard, began producing carpets from a disused Paisley
shawl mill in Elderslie in 1862, forming A F Stoddard & Co in 1871. By the early 1900s
Templeton’s had constructed an impressive carpet factory on Glasgow Green, designed by architect
Willian Leiper and based on the Doge’s Palace, Venice. Initially, Templeton exported to Europe and
the Commonwealth, whereas Stoddard focused on the United States of America (USA). Over the
years to assist expansion, both Templeton and Stoddard purchased numerous subsidiary companies
including Ronald Jack & Co (1918), Henry Widnell & Stewart (1959), Gray’s Carpets & Textiles
(1968) and Blackwood Morton & Sons (BMK) (1992). Well known for their carpets, Stoddard
Templeton produced for events such as the wedding of Princess Elizabeth II (1947) and the royal
coronations of George V (1911), George VI (1937) and Elizabeth II (1953). Carpets were created for
the Great Exhibition of 1851 and for the 1951 Festival of Britain. Stoddard Templeton designed for
palaces, cathedrals and government buildings. A publication by James Templeton & Co (1951: 9)
states that:
‘In the year 1861, Abraham Lincoln entered the White House, Washington, as the
President of the United States and Mrs Lincoln soon turned to furnishing her new home
to her own taste. It would seem that her ideas were expensive, for she was criticised for
having been extravagant in spending State funds in the purchase of various articles,
including ‘a new carpet of Glasgow manufacture ingeniously made all in one piece
which had designs of fruit and flowers in vases, wreaths and bouquets.’
The companies also produced for cruise liners including the Queen Mary (1912) and the Titanic. For
the latter they created the original carpet for the ship in 1912 and then replicas for the set of James
Cameron’s 1997 film. In addition to their well-known commissions, carpets were produced for
hotels, restaurants, bars, offices and other contract interiors. Numerous collections of patterned, plain
and textured carpets were created for the domestic interior. Despite the success of Stoddard
Templeton over the years, consumer preference for other flooring surfaces and competition from
cheaper overseas imports led to the regrettable demise of the remaining company, Stoddard
International PLC in 2005. At this time a consortium comprising GSA, University of Glasgow and
Glasgow Life formed to safeguard and purchase the companies historically.


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