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Victorian Tiled Floors are commonly found in the reception areas of  buildings in and around Edinburgh, especially in hallways. We often find that the beauty of these tiles are hidden under years of grime and neglect, however all is not lost they can be restored, so your Edinburgh property can ones again have the WOW factor when you open the door.

 Services include: 

  •  Stone & Tile Cleaning
  • Stone & Tile Sealing
  • Grout Cleaning & Sealing
  • Flag Stone Floor cleaning
  • Terracotta & Quarry Tile Re-sealing
  • Granite & Marble Polishing
  • Porcelain Clean & Seal

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Tile floor clean Edinburgh. Great Stuart Street.

Has your Stone or tiled floor become dull due to constant mopping?

        Grease and dirt build up making the floor look dull?

If you stay in Edinburgh Call 0800 046 7257 and see how we can help you in 2020 with all your tile and stone floor cleaning.

This is our steps for our Tile Floor Cleaning Edinburgh cleaning process:

1- We inspect your floor: this is to identify any limitations like stain removal, loss of loose grout surrounding surfaces sensitive to cleaning solutions and any other areas that needs consideration before the cleaning starts

2- We protect your walls and furniture: this is to limit overspray on to sensitive areas during the cleaning process. Please note no guarantee can be made that materials that is extremely sensitive to moisture might not show some form of exposure to our cleaning solutions.

3- Dry soil removal: Remove any dry soil and dirt before any water based cleaning takes place

4- Apply cleaning solution to the floor. This can be by means of directly from a container with pre-mixed cleaning solutions or sprayer.

5- Agitation: This is done by means of a rotary cleaning machine or by hand depending on the areas to be cleaned.

6- Rinse: Slurry (Dirt from the floor and cleaning solution mixed together) with our pressurised cleaning equipment. This step allows us to clean areas of your wall or floor that is not reachable with any other form of cleaning(scrubbing)

Sometimes we have to repeat the cleaning process as described above to ensure optimum results.

7- Drying: After the cleaning process has been completed, we will clean up and dry any areas. In cases where stone or tile has a high porosity, drying can take up to 12 hours or longer during the winter.
8- Sealing / Impregnation: we offer 2 types of protection for your floor. A topical sealer adds a coating to the surface of the stone or tile. This is done to protect against spills or other contaminants causing permanent stains. An impregnator sealer penetrates below the surface of the stone, tile or grout and acts as a repellent and enhances the color.
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Below is a sample of some of the floors Restored for Customers In Edinburgh.

Grout and Tile cleaning, do you're grout lines look dark?

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